Noah’s Ark has given William such an amazing and happy introduction to school-life. It has helped to shape him into the boy he is and has enabled him to start school with confidence, humour and fantastic friendships.

William’ s highlights include the strawberry picking, sports day, Jack and the Bean Stalk, Halloween party and the nativity. Above all he has loved the day-today
fun, circle time, artwork, games and the staff.

Anthea, William’s mum

Lilian really loved going to school at Noah’s Ark and she will miss her teachers!!! This is a picture of her very 1st day!! She was so little, and it’s hard to believe how much she has grown. Lilian has learned many things at Noah’s Ark. One of my favourites is the word “Ridiculous”, which she uses a lot. She has blossomed into a beautiful independent little girl. She is very excited and ready for big school.

Iris, Linda, Anna, Sally and Nicky thank you very much for helping and teaching Lilian!

The Andre Family

Eliza speaks Russian. Eliza signs all her artwork with a special artist’s signature (she colours in the a of her name and adds a flourish of a tail to it!). Eliza tells us jokes. Eliza knows all about the ‘little white men’ who make her body better when she’s hurt herself.

So a linguist. An artist. A comedian. A doctor. All thanks to the fantastic inspiration she gets from the lovely teachers at Noah’s Ark.

Charlotte, Eliza’s mum

I can’t believe the time has gone so quickly and that it is Thomas’ time to leave Noah’s Ark. Thomas has loved every minute of his time with ‘his’ Iris, Linda, Sally, Anna and Nicky. Under their expert guidance he has blossomed into a confident, outgoing, thoughtful, outspoken(!) and very amusing little boy. He’s loved all the wonderful activities and particularly loves telling me how to paint fences!

Annie, Thomas’ mum

Although Georgia’s time at Noah’s Ark has been short it most definitely has been sweet, she has loved the past 5 months and I know will be sad to leave.

Jade, Georgia’s mum

Vanessa has loved her time at Noah’s Ark and always rushes out with joy and laughter at pick up time. We also love the extensive artwork that will fill the walls of our new build. Vanessa already says she will miss Noah’s Ark but tells me not to worry as ‘we will
visit again next week’!

Jessica, Vanessa’s mum

I can’t believe how quickly the time to say goodbye to Noah’s Ark has arrived. I feel very emotional every time I think about it. Quite simply it has been the perfect start to life for our two boys. Thomas and William have loved every minute of it and will never forget their experiences. We have made friends in the children, staff and other parents who will be friends for life. We have to pinch ourselves sometimes to believe that we have been so lucky to find such a nurturing, happy and fun environment for our children to learn and build confidence.

Jo, William’s mum

From the moment I took Holly to look around Noah’s Ark and met all the wonderful staff & children I just knew she would be very happy. We couldn’t have dreamed of a more special place for Holly to begin her early experiences.

Sports day, Strawberry Picking, Trips the orchard, Walks to the turkey farm, Braywick wildlife park, Water fights, End of term parties, the Nativity (I won’t mention the panto!), Circle time, Carpet game, Singing, Dancing, Drawing and Painting, Running down the grass bank at home time – what more could a child ask for?

Louise, Holly’s mum

Noah’s Ark is a truly wonderful place, bursting with fun, laughter and very happy children and teachers.

Jack started Noah’s Ark as a fairly shy little boy who found leaving Mum quite tricky at drop off time! Iris & Linda would always assure me though that as soon as I had gone he was absolutely fine and very happy to be there. This I knew was true because at pick up time Jack has always been full to bursting with important stuff to tell me about his magical morning.

Jane, Jack’s mum

Freya’s year at Noah’s Ark has flown by and she has really thrived in her time there, she will miss everyone when she leaves to go to Holy Trinity Primary School but she has made some lovely friends at nursery who I’m sure she will keep in touch with.

She has become very fond of all the wonderful ladies at Noah’s Ark and has a real soft spot for Sally who has been so lovely to Freya, it has been a wonderful, fun, learning place for her to have spent a year in and one which we will both take some very happy memories from, thank you!

Claire, Freya’s mum

Annabel has had such fun at Noah’s Ark and has made some lovely friends. We will both have some precious memories from her time here.

Elizabeth, Annabel’s mum

We can hardly believe it is 2½ years since Henry left Noah’s Ark and yet here we are again, bidding a fond (and sadly final) farewell to the wonderful Noah’s Ark team. Oscar’s experience has been shorter – just three terms. However I can say with confidence that he has managed to experience just as much of the fun, kindness, dedication, enthusiasm, laughs – and, ummm, Turkeys – which make the Noah’s Ark experience so unique. Oscar holds you all in such high esteem, we have found the ultimate threat of ‘I’ll tell Iris’ the solution to many a 3-year old strop!

Erika, Oscar’s mum

Nearly 5 years and 2 children later the time has come for the Milne family to say Good-Bye to Noah’s Ark. Apart from the usual heartfelt thanks, wondrous applause for the fabulous teaching staff, praise for what a unique and special place it is, the amazing friendships formed and how blessed we feel that both our boys have blossomed under Iris and her magical team …apart from this, I asked Rory what he would miss most about his beloved Noah’s Ark. He looked very pensive for a few minutes (rare, quiet moments!) and then it came…‘BISCUITS’! he bellowed.

Nicky, Rory’s mum

Lilou waltzed into Noah’s Ark happy as larry on her very first day and has loved every moment since! Iris said she had them in stitches all morning with her non stop chatter! Lilou is still as talkative as ever and has blossomed into a confident, caring, creative and helpful little girl, a lot of which is down to the amazing care and guidance from Noah’s Ark. I will always remember Lilou’s beaming smile as she runs towards me at pick up clutching armfuls of paintings, cardboard box creations and sometimes baked goodies!

Kim, Lilou’s mum

It seems like Sam has been at Noah’s Ark forever. Noah’s Ark has become a big part of his life and of ours. Due to the care and attention of Iris, Linda, Sally, Nicky and Anna a quiet little boy is now articulate, confident and more than ready for big boy school. More importantly than anything else I know that he has had fun! He will miss you all and I am sure that there will be many
excuses to escort little brother Luke to Noah’s Ark next term! Thank you!

Sian, Sam’s mum

As we were looking through some photos of Noah’s Ark, Evie’s big brother Finn asked, ‘Whose party is that?’. ‘No one’s, it’s Evie’s school’. But he asked again, ‘Who’s PARTY?’. ‘It’s school Finn’. He walked off, incredulous. He didn’t understand how there could be that much cake, dancing, dressing up, slides & fun and it be school. Well that’s actually what Noah’s Ark is. One big party. No one wants to leave, and parents hang around chatting because they want to stay and join in the fun. Evie leaves Noah’s Ark with a wealth of knowledge and is full of confidence, compassion, with great friends and more than anything, full of pride.

Fiona, Evie’s mum

Ned and Noahs Ark, well where do I start. Firstly I don’t think he could have had a more perfect, idillic start into education. He has loved every minute of his time there, which being a September baby, has been a really long time. Ned has learnt to count in Russian, create wonderful creations out of cereal boxes, hop, skip and dance to the Boogie under the watchful eye of the most caring teachers you could ask for. He has met friends he will have for a lifetime and so have I. Thank you Noahs Ark.

Maddi, Ned’s mum

Firstly thank you so much for the love and care you have given Gracie, she has blossomed into a confident little lady with a passion for anaconda’s!! I have loved how affectionate you have been with both my children giving them big cuddles and calling them Popsey!! No wonder Gracie is racing out of the door each morning to see you. One morning I asked Gracie if she would like to go to Legoland as a treat and she replied “ No, I want to go to Noah’s Ark!”……… now that tells me mountains!!

Louisa, Gracie’s mum

The moment Evie set foot in the village hall she loved Noah’s Ark. I will always remember Iris settling down at a table with Evie and her big brother Ollie on their taster morning; she engaged them instantly by making a playdough ‘witch’s finger’ ensuring both children (and their parents!) felt relaxed and excited about the move to their new preschool. Since then, a rather quiet, shy toddler has grown into a little girl who is steadily learning about the world and her place in it.

Bex, Evie’s mum

Ursula has had a magical year and a half at Noah’s Ark. She has loved the outdoor play, the numerous trips, the Nativity, all the fabulous creations and, I think, most of all spending so much time with her little friends and the fantastic staff. She’s had so much fun, love and, above all, her ‘free spirit’ has been nurtured.

Catherine, Ursula’s mum