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Sports Day
We believe children learn through play and provide a wide range of experiences in a safe, loving environment. Each child is treated with respect and as an individual.

Through praise we hope to develop their creativity, imagination, ability to socialise, communicate and express themselves, while encouraging their personal and physical development.

By supporting each child to work towards the goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage we ensure that they are able to meet the challenge of beginning Reception well prepared, knowledgeable, eager to learn and confident.

We are registered for a maximum of 24 children and our high ratio of staff to children (1:5) means that all children receive lots of individual attention. With this insight we can help a child develop at their own pace, both individually and within the group. Our staff, which include a teacher and an Early Years Professional are qualified, experienced and dedicated to working with children.

A registered charity, (No. 292757) we are not owned by any individual. Here for the community, parental involvement is encouraged, with any profits made re-invested in the school.

Your child may attend the days of your choice subject to availability and it is not necessary for each child to attend every day of the week. We offer a flexible funding system whereby government funding is provided for the first fifteen hours per week from the term after your child’s third birthday.